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Personal Informations

Name Giovanni Mameli
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Desired employment/Occupational field Attorney, Ph.D., consultant of public and private bodies on International & EU Tax law, State Aid Law issues. Consulting startups and IT companies on National, International and IT Tax issues.

Work Experience

Date (from - to) 21 february 2013 - ongoing..
Name and address of employer Nordai Srl -
Type of business or sector Tech Startup in the field of Geographic information systems (GIS) provided as SaaS with a Strong focus on UIX, Open Data & Open Source
Occupation or position held Co-Founder
Main activities and responsibilities I don't have any executive role. I put my legal and strategic experience at the disposal of the other founders and staff. I carry out a general supervision and use moral suasion to impact the general business strategy, the legal issues, the communication aspects, the user interface, the external relations. I often stir the pro-bono projects of the startup towards tax or State Aid research related projects, being that my field of work and interest. Occasionally (being the only founder based in Rome while the others are in Sardinia) I represent the company in conferences, webinars, etc.
Date (from - to) 20 april 2002 - ongoing..
Name and address of employer Fantozzi & Associates - Tax Law Firm
Type of business or sector Tax Law Firm
Occupation or position held Associate Tax Lawyer.
Main activities and responsibilities My job consist mainly in consultancy and litigation on EU State aid issues, EU and International Taxation issues, Italian Tax Law, Startups and Tech Companies Issues.
Date (from - to) 09 april 2008 - 18 april 2008
Name and address of employer European Court of Justice
Type of business or sector Cabinet of the Judge Prof. Antonio Tizzano
Occupation or position held Observer
Main activities and responsibilities The experience as an Observer doesn't involve particular activities or responsibilities, but allows the visiting lawyer to assist to the hearings and use the library and to get acquainted with the different phases of the internal deciding procedures of the Court of Justice.
Date (from - to) 01 september 2003 - 01 march 2004
Name and address of employer European Commission - Competition DG – Fiscal State Aid Unit (G-3) - Brussels
Type of business or sector European Institutions
Occupation or position held Blue book trainee
Main activities and responsibilities I shared the everyday work of the case handlers.
Date (from - to) 01 march 2003 - 01 may 2003
Name and address of employer International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (I.B.F.D.) - H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 210, 1096 AS Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Type of business or sector Research and consultancy on International Taxation
Occupation or position held Part time work with the European Team while carrying on my PhD research in the Library.
Main activities and responsibilities Updating the IBFD publications and consultancy projects; I also carried on my own PhD research.
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Education and Training

Date (from - to) 01 january 2003 - 31 december 2006
Name and type of organisation providing education and training European School of Advanced Tax Studies - University of Bologna
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered European Tax Law
Title of qualification awarded Ph.D. in European Tax Law
Level in national or international classification Ph.D.
Thesis or final work The principle of coherence of the Tax Systems in EU Tax Law. From selectivity to the four freedoms restriction.
Date (from - to) 12 may 2003 - 13 may 2003
Name and type of organisation providing education and training The “International Tax Academy” of the I.B.F.D.
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Principles of Transfer Pricing (Introductory)
Title of qualification awarded Attendance
Date (from - to) 06 may 2003 - 07 may 2003
Name and type of organisation providing education and training The “International Tax Academy” of the I.B.F.D.
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Interpretation and Application of Tax Treaties II (Advanced)
Title of qualification awarded Attendance
Date (from - to) 01 january 2002 - 25 july 2002
Name and type of organisation providing education and training LUISS University - Rome
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered European Law
Title of qualification awarded Postgraduate Course on European Law
Date (from - to) 01 october 1995 - 01 october 2001
Name and type of organisation providing education and training LUISS
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered LUISS University - Rome
Title of qualification awarded Law degree - JD equivalent
Date (from - to) 01 september 1998 - 30 april 1999
Name and type of organisation providing education and training EXETER University - UK
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered UK Constitutional Law / EU Pubblic Law, Substantive EU Law, International Law;
Title of qualification awarded ERASMUS EXCHANGE STUDENT
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Personal Skills and Competences

Mother tongue(s) Italian
Other language/s (Self-assessment) 
Listening Proficient user C2
Reading Proficient user C2
Understanding Proficient user C2
Spoken interaction Proficient user C2
Spoken production Proficient user C2
Listening Proficient user C2
Reading Proficient user C2
Understanding Proficient user C1
Spoken interaction Proficient user C1
Spoken production Proficient user C1
Listening Independent user B2
Reading Independent user B2
Understanding Independent user B2
Spoken interaction Basic user A1
Spoken production Basic user A1
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More Informations

Description Lecturer on various undergraduate and postgraduate courses (Master Scuola Superiore Economia e Finanze, Master Link Campus University of Rome, Master University of Genova, Master University of Lecce, IPSOA, etc)
Description Speaker in the conference organized by the Italian Branch of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) on the topic of the “Permanent establishment in the Italian tax reform” held at the university of Rome LUISS October 2nd, 2006.
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Description Participated to the Annual Research Meeting for PhD candidates specializing on European and/or International Taxation to present and discuss the most interesting aspects of their research; organized by the Academic Council of the I.B.F.D. and held in Amsterdam from June 30 to July 3, 2003;
Web Link
Description Speaker reporting on the case of the State Aid to the Italian banking sector, at the Conference “Fiscal State Aid and the EU Law”, held in Naples at the “Istituto Universitario Suor Orsola Benincasa” and organized by the same University together with “La Sapienza” University of Rome on January 25, 2003.
Description The creeping normative role of the EC Commission in the twin-track struggle against the State aids and the harmful competition; EC Tax Rev., 2002-4;
Web Link
Description Branch Reporter at the Boston IFA Conference 2012 (Mameli, Giovanni: The Debt-Equity Conundrum, Branch Report Italy, Cahiers de droit fiscal international, 97b, 2012, p. 379-380).
Description The Italian abuse of law doctrine for taxation purposes; Fantozzi A., Mameli, G., Bulletin for International Taxation, 2010 vol 64 no 8/9, pp. 445-449)
Description Among the authors (comment to artt. 151-154 Income Tax Code) of the Short Commentary to tax laws - Book III: Income Tax Code" in the Breviaria Iuris series from CEDAM coordinated by Prof. Augusto Fantozzi.
Description My passion for technology applied to the legal profession
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Description Branch Reporter at the Basel IFA Conference 2015 - Subject 1: Tax incentives on Research and Development (R&D)
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Description was started as follow up of my PhD research. It is conceived as an open platform available to all those who - in the diverse fields of activity - are interested for business or personal interest in State Aid Law. A place in which scholars, researchers, students, public officials at EU and Member State, or regional Level, private practitioners, and anybody interested can have a dedicated place where to exchange ideas and information, store them, and find them ready when needed.
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Description Organiser of the Conference "Taxing powers of Italian Regions and development: boundaries and opportunities stemming from EU law" held in Sardinia 28.06.2014
Web Link
Description Speaker at the conference "Stato e Regioni nella Riforma Costituzionale" organized by the University of Sassari (IT)
Web Link
Description Member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Branch of the Italian Fiscal Association (IFA).
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Description Member of the Executive Committee (treasurer) of the Circle of Telematic Lawyers (Circolo dei Giuristi Telematici). One of the oldest and most respected Italian Associations in the field of Internet and IT Law.
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I authorize the treatment and storage of my personal data by means of the Italian privacy protection law [ Law n. 196, June 30st, 2003].
Date: 19 november 2018

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